Don’t Sweat In Bed This Summer With This Cooling Sleep System

OOLER Sleep System
Chili Technology

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The summer is here and that means plenty of hot nights are incoming. Even with an air conditioner in your room, you can sweat up a storm while you try to sleep. But when you pick up the OOLER Sleep System, you will have no more sweat-filled nights.

What is the OOLER Sleep System? Simply put, it is like the opposite of a heated blanket. You put the hydronic pad down in your bed and have it connected to the control unit and it will cool you down. It will sense your body temperature and drop the temperature of the pad down to cooling levels so you can fall to sleep easily.

This OOLER Sleep System does that with a water-based system of cooling. The control unit will pump cool water into the pad. Simple enough. You put the control unit under the bed or somewhere nearby and let it do the work.

OOLER Sleep System
Chili Technology

You can even use an app to control the OOLER Sleep System. Not only control it but have it learn your sleep schedule. That way it can turn itself on/off so you go to bed ready for sleep with no transition time. It can let you know when it is low on water and wake you up by warming itself up like a low key alarm system.

Upkeep is pretty easy with the OOLER Sleep System too. The control unit cleans itself by using UV light, so there are no issues there. The hydronic pad can be washed in a washing machine. In all aspects, this bad boy adds tons of convenience to your life.

Comfort in bed doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Pick up the OOLER Sleep System to stay cool in bed while the rest of the house gets too warm for comfort. Cleanup is easy and using it is even easier. Pick one up now before the temperature really gets out of control.

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