Downhill Racer Destroys a Walmart Bike By Taking It on a Real Trail

Aspiring cyclists are often lured into buying their first bike from a big box store like Walmart by ridiculously low prices. But soon they realize that a full-suspension mountain bike running less than $200 is indeed too good to be true. Brakes fail, handlebars come loose, shocks bottom out, and shifting becomes a distant memory.

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To find out for himself if cheap, big-box bikes are as bad as the reputation that precedes them in the cycling community, pro downhill racer Phil Kmetz picked up a $179 Huffy Carnage and took it for a run down a double-black diamond trail.

The video, says Kmetz, was inspired by fellow YouTuber Seth's Bike Hacks, who ran a short series on repairing and punishing cheap mountain bikes from big box stores. Kmetz, however, has the skills to test a bike like almost no other cyclist in the world. Kmetz survives the run, and though the Huffy reaches to the bottom, it's in no shape to take a second run.

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