DPS Tour 1 Ski: Best of SIA

Mj 618_348_dps tour 1 ski best of sia

DPS’s pitch has always been about lightness; for backcountry touring, that’s huge, because it pays off in speedy ascents. The problem is very light skis can be noodles on descents, and especially in crud. The Tour 1 is DPS’s latest construction design, and while they’re up to 300-grams lighter than the Pure3, a very lightweight ski already, DPS says the new design is aimed at balancing downhill performance against uphill feathery-ness. To wit, DPS says they’re much more torsionally rigid, a big factor in whether you get strong edge holding on firm snow. They’re also claiming better dampening using a proprietary carbon laminate. It’s also notable that they’re being offered in as narrow as 95mm, so this isn’t solely a powder-focused design. [$TBD; dpsskis.com]

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