Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Under Armour Launch New ‘Chase Greatness’ Collection

Rock Under Armour Chase Greatness
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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is at it again.

Fresh off the success of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and less than a month before release of his new blockbuster Rampage—both featuring Johnson in ripped-guy-in-khakis mode—the hardest-working man in Hollywood has launched a new collection of Under Armour apparel.

Dubbed Chase Greatness, the latest Project Rock collaboration features both men’s and women’s apparel, as well as an update on the editor-favorite UA Project Rock Delta trainer.

Designed in collaboration with with Seven Bucks Creative—the brainchild of Johnson and his business partner Dany Garcia—Chase Greatness marks a bigger, bolder step in storytelling from a guy who’s already made a globe-spanning career out of big, bold storytelling. The collection kick-starts “Build the Belief,” a yearlong story arc “celebrating a movement of everyday people who put in work to become better and achieve the unthinkable.”

“We all want some change in our lives, maybe even greatness,” Johnson tells Men’s Fitness. “But it’s not easy. Sometimes we don’t think we’re good enough or sometimes life deals us a tough hand. But that’s exactly why we grind. In the toughest moments in my life, I’ve stuck by a simple truth: when your back is up against the wall, the only way out, is to put the work in. Because when you put in the work, rep by rep, day by day, you build something in yourself. You build the belief that you can do more.”

That might sound a little silly coming from someone else, but coming from Johnson—who talks all the time about making a better life through the belief in what one can achieve with persistent, dogged, hard-ass work—it’s exactly what a lot of people need to hear.

“That’s what our Project Rock collaboration with Under Armour is all about,” Johnson says. “We’re not just giving people the tools to chase their greatness, we’re creating a movement of people who are willing to put in the work.”

As for the actual swag? This collection obviously designed with dedicated athletes in mind, but at prices that won’t eat your gym-membership budget. The new Threadborne Vanish t-shirts, tanks, and sleeveless hoodie—all staples of Johnson’s Iron Paradise style—are designed with an athletic fit and made from quick-drying fabric. The updated Delta trainers maintain the original’s ankle support and sleek profile, while adding three new colorways: white, steel-gray, and a shade of yellow best described as “yes I am about to own leg day.”

Plus, hey: If this swag works for the guy who can leap impossible distances into burning skyscrapers, it’ll work for you.

Check out the new “Chase Greatness” collection from Project Rock here. Then get your ass to the gym and earn those Rock-sized cheat meals.

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