This App-Controlled Mattress Lets You Set Its Temperature

Eight Sleep Pod mattress
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If you ask me, spring’s the hardest time of the year to get some solid sack time, and I’m not talking about seasonal allergies. Even in May, the temperature swings can mean keeping the blankets on only to toss them halfway through the night to avoid sweating through your sheets when you’re just trying to get some quality sleep. That’s what makes the Eight Sleep Pod so interesting: It’s essentially an engineered foam mattress covered with a mesh of hollow tubes.

That mesh is filled with water that’s heated or cooled to the temperature you specify, then pumped through between your body and the mattress by a plug-in base that sits on the floor. I was skeptical at first, figuring I’d be able to feel the mesh through the sheet and knit cover below, which would make it difficult to settle in. But, I was wrong: The tubing is barely there. And from your smartphone, you can dial in how hot or cold you want to sleep and even add in a second zone for your partner.

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The accompanying app has a whole bunch of sleep science baked in, if you care to know how much quality sack time you put in. But, for those of us who just want to go to sleep at around 68 degrees each night, it’s a way to control the temperature locally without having to crank the air conditioning or blast the heat. I slept soundly under the blankets without much tossing and turning during my testing.

The pump, while about the size of an old-school CPU tower, is pretty non-discrete if you can stick it between the bed and the nightstand. It cycles on pretty quietly and the whole system is simple to control from the user-friendly app.

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