Is It an E-Bike? Is it a Motorcycle? It’s the Cake Makka—and It’s Freaking Awesome

Man riding hybrid e-bike with helmet
The Cake Makka is here, and all we can say is take our money.Courtesy Image

It’s obvious enough why people are snapping up electric-assist bikes like the wheel has just been re-invented. The word is out—they’re easier on us humans than normal bikes. Riding this innovative two-wheel e-wave is Cake, the Swedish maker of some seriously capable electric motorcycles for riding trails. The company’s latest ride is the Makka, the motorcycle you want if you don’t want a motorcycle. Or a motorcycle license. Or to ever buy gas. And at a slim $3,800, it’s even cheaper than the cargo e-bikes it’s directly pegged against.

Why the Cake Makka Is the Most Deliciously User-Friendly New E-bike

No License Required (Probably)

The Makka is capable of cruising up to 28mph (aka the maximum legal speed of throttle-assist e-bikes in the U.S.) In other words, you’re unlikely in most states to need a specific motorcycle license to ride the Makka. Rule of thumb: If you don’t need a license for an e-bike where you are, you won’t need one for the Makka either.

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Cake Makka, an Ideal Mid-Weight Class

At a manageable 132 pounds, the Cake Makka is about 50 pounds heavier than most featherweight cargo e-bikes, but less than half the weight of the average small displacement scooter or motorcycle. What does this mean? It’s neither a pushover nor a monster. Lighter weight riders will find handling this ride to be a piece of… (we’re not gonna say it).

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Solid on Rough Roads

With its raked fork, knobby, three-inch-wide tires, and short-travel suspension, the Makka can withstand America’s haggard, pock-marked roads. The average moped is designed to only take on manicured pavement. Handling this ride should be roughly like bombing around on a short-travel mountain bike.

One Size Adjusts for All

The Makka’s adjustable, step-through frame suits virtually any sized rider. Short or tall, just lower or raise the saddle height and you’re good to go. It’s easily the most household-shareable friendly vehicle in the garage.

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Makka’s as functional as it is fun to ride. Courtesy Image

Cake Makka Can Actually Carry Stuff

Cake is making the Makka with all sorts of rack accessories, whether that’s for a surfboard, fishing rods or even a bike rack. If the outdoors is your gym, you can ditch your car and ride this gas-saver to whatever your version of the local trailhead is. Ride a wave. Cast for trout. Shred some singletrack. Run a trail. Then evaporate all that sweat on the e-spin back home. There’s also a second seat option for a friend, and several hauling configurations to factor in a grocery stop en route.

Covers a Decent Range

The Makka’s 31-mile range is better than it might initially sound. That’s actually pretty far. Rockaway Beach, Queens to Manhattan—25 miles. Seattle’s Green Lake to First Hill—less than 10 miles. Map it out, and this efficient bike can get you places.

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Bike-Lane Friendly? The Jury’s Out

We end with an open question? Will local cyclists in the U.S. be cool with the Makka sharing their lane? In some cities, that’s already happened. With throttle-only e-bike Grubhub delivery the new normal, this remains evolving turf, and it’s not quite clear what’s legal, what’s gray, and what’s no-way.

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