Everyone Should Own This $30 Plasma Lighter and Flashlight Combo


I don’t know that there’s a single person in my life for whom I wouldn’t buy the miraculously useful Sparkr Mini as a gift. The product, which sells for a perfectly reasonable $30, serves two functions. First, it’s equipped with a surprisingly powerful flashlight that would come in handy on any camping trip or during any at-home power-outage. But the star of the show is the plasma lighter, which is wind- and water-proof, making it perfect for outdoor use—whether you’re smoking something or just trying to get a fire started. Or, if you’re into ever so slightly less adventurous pursuits, it lights a mean candle in your living room.

It’s rechargeable via USB—I’ve had mine for months and it’s actually never been plugged in. Whatever charge it had when it showed up is still somehow going strong—all the more impressive since I’m constantly using it to start fires (on top of tiny little glass-encased wicks in my home). It’s the size of a zippo, and its rubber coating is pleasing to the touch. Also? The fire is started by two purple “plasma beams” that are so fucking cool and mesmerizing you’ll instantly be whisked back to the pyromaniacal phase you invariably went through somewhere around age 12. 

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