Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 8

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The ten-year anniversary of the iPhone is upon us, and the notorious rumor mill surrounding the ubiquitous smartphone line is churning harder than ever. With the iPhone 8 due at some point to barrel out of Apple’s utopian product design studios and land in the connected world’s pockets, the question becomes: What else can Apple cram inside this thing? Hopefully the answer is “more.” Here are the most interesting rumors surrounding Apple’s yet-to-arrive iPhone 8.


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A vastly improved screen.
It came to public attention in February that Apple successfully formalized a deal to purchase 60 million OLED screens from Samsung. This is huge news for Apple fans — if these screens do land in the next generation of iPhone, then previous generations are going to look a lot worse by comparison. OLED screens arguably not only offer better contrast, brightness, and colors, but they’re more power-efficient.

Glass body, aluminum frame.
With respect to what the thing will actually look like, the aesthetic will purportedly be in line with that of the iPhone 4 and 4S, according to MacRumors, which had a glass body and metal frame.

Two phones with increased screen size.
The 4.7-inch iPhone 7 was introduced alongside the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus, but iPhone 8 rumors suggest that Apple will release a 5-inch iPhone option and a 5.8-inch Plus at the same time, Business Insider reports. That’s a heaping spoonful of screen size if true.

Edge-to-edge display.
This rumor has come up in the past, so it’s not much surprise to see it resurface. With design reasoning ultimately amounting to “because it looks cool and because we can,” this rumor would see an iPhone’s surface screen function entirely as a sexier, more-futuristic-looking display, with no buttons, borders, or bezels in the way. 

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

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The home button is gone.
It’s been predicted before, but the iPhone’s beloved singular button is rumored to not be around for much longer. It turns out that the home button’s TouchID capabilities can be carried out through thicker OLED panels. Optical sensors may one day take your finger’s picture through a smartphone screen in order to authenticate the user. Crazy.

Facial recognition.
A research note by Cowen and Company suggests that an infrared sensor on the front of the phone would grant and deny users access to a device, according to MacRumors. (This feels like the longest shot among the bunch.)

Wireless charging.
Already made real by companies manufacturing feature-specific smartphones or third-party cases, the promise of wireless charging is that it does away with “plugging in” entirely. By absorbing electrical energy through specialized charging pads, you can top off a gadget more quickly, easily, and conveniently than previously possible. This feature also happens to be another frequent guest on the iPhone rumor roundup circuit, and is so far conspicuously absent from any formal feature lists.

No headphone jack.
Of course not, and you should’ve expected as much — Apple killed the headphone jack in the previous generation of its devices. Let’s not forget that Apple owns the Beats headphone company. Apple is invested in making it easy for you to buy headphones that are easily compatible with your new device.

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