You Need the Internet’s Favorite Cast Iron Skillet



Ask any chef or great home cook what’s on their list of kitchen essentials, and you’ll undeniably hear three little words over and over again: cast iron skillet. While you can find one of the evenly heating, built-to-last wonders just about anywhere, the one the Internet writ large seems to like best is the ultra lightweight model from Field Company. And as luck would have it, the 10.5” model is available at Huckberry right now.

The skillet, which raised $1.6 million on Kickstarter before its launch, goes for a pretty reasonable $100 at full price, but Huckberry also offers free shipping on purchases of $98+. The skillet is an investment not only in your culinary prowess, but also in American manufacturing and sustainability: each skillet is forged in the USA, and each is made from between 75 to 90 percent recycled iron.

And even though they weigh a lot less than options than you’ll find from other kitchen outfitters, it’s just as durable as its heavier cousins (Field Company backs all of its skillets with a lifetime warrantee) and it does just as much. Because it comes pre-seasoned, you can do everything from scrambling eggs to sear steak right out of the box. Take good care of it (check out Field Company’s guide to doing just that) and this might be the last pan you ever guy.