Finally, an instant treehouse lounger for adults

TreePod already had an award-winning hanging canvas treehouse for kids. Where was the adult version, asked parents and fans? The Boulder-based brand recently answered with a wildly successful Kickstarter for two grownup models called the Lounger, a chill station for the backyard or park, and the beach-inspired Cabana.

Kick off those shoes. Photo: Courtesy of TreePod Hanging Habitats

The crowd-sourced funding goal for the original kid-friendly TreePod was $20,000. The adult TreePod project was fully funded in 48 hours and reached more than $300,000 with over 1,350 backers at its end date last month.

“We were feeling confident in the idea and launched a Kickstarter to do it faster, so we could start right away,” Jaime Pletcher, marketing director for TreePod’s parent company Canaima Outdoors, told GrindTV. “Now we need to kick things into high gear quickly, and [with the funding] we’re going to be able to launch more colors and accessories than we expected.”

The perfect way to enjoy a gorgeous setting like this. Photo: Courtesy of TreePod Hanging Habitats

Both the single-fixed-point Lounger and Cabana have a more sophisticated look than the original TreePod and come in three diameters— 4, 5, and 6 feet — and all can hold up to 500 pounds. That’s enough capacity to stretch out with a book or play cards with three buddies, according to Pletcher.

Conjuring up those beach breezes, the Cabana version has wraparound mesh sides for better airflow. There’s no zipper door on the adult models, but you can add privacy and weatherproofing with accessories — bug net and rain fly, among others — if you want to put it to the test.

Nothing better than a relaxing session after your surf session. Photo: Courtesy of TreePod Hanging Habitats

“This is more open lounger and could even be used indoors for working or taking nap. The Cabana was meant for the beach or being outside so you can get airflow and view, but with shade,” Pletcher says.

The TreePod’s big benefit is that unlike a traditional hammock it allows for sitting upright and shifting into different positions in the outdoors.

“It’s kind of like a papasan chair that’s floating,” Pletcher continues.

A camping-specific TreePod is coming soon, too. Consumers have asked for it, but TreePod designers are still dialing in the best way to keep a single suspension anchor.

“We’re taking an object that’s round and making it a giant rectangle. If we want it to hang from a single fixed point, it changes everything,” Pletcher says. “We have some samples, but we’re not totally ready.”

Yep. You can do that, too. Photo: Courtesy of TreePod Hanging Habitats

In the meantime, the first Loungers and Cabanas ship to Kickstarter backers later this month, with ordering available through the TreePod website and in REI in time for the holidays. In a nod to the arbor environment that makes its magic, TreePod plants a tree for every unit it sells.

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