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Fred Courtot, an avid automotive enthusiast, was searching for a convenient way to sell auto parts that he collected in his garage. As any proper gear head would, he had acquired quite a few.

Just like everyone else, he spent time taking photos and posting them to Craigslist, only to find that he got very little response. He was forced to repost in an effort to make some room for new projects.

After working at cleaning up parts he no longer needed, it became clear to him that his time might be better spent focused on creating a marketplace for auto enthusiasts — and he started working on ModFind.

What is ModFind

ModFind is a place where car enthusiasts can post items for sale, buy, receive Kickbacks, and connect with others. ModFind puts automotive after-market parts in one spot. There is no need to bother with searching multiple Craigslist or Facebook regions looking for that rare part or collectible car.

On ModFind, users post everything car related, from taillights to brand related clothing car enthusiasts can buy and sell just about anything. They also came up with a great way to speed up sales through their patented Kickback program.

With the Kickback program, sellers can incentivize users to share posts with potential buyers. So, a seller can add on a payment for shared links rather than posting and waiting for someone to bite. It works similarly to an affiliate program. A seller can add a Kickback payment to their list price. Users can then share links to these posts with friends or people they believe will make a purchase. Then, once the item has sold, the seller pays the user that shared the link. It is a clear differentiator for an online marketplace and an ingenious way to boost sales and get rewarded at the same time.

ModFind is also a community where users can follow each other and connect. So, you can follow your favorite shops, help them sell their items, and get Kickback payments toward your next purchase. Other community benefits include getting the latest news on parts releases and keeping a finger on the pulse of your favorite hobby.

ModFind was launched in 2019 as an app and has grown into a full-blown website where buyers and sellers connect. It was created to make doing what car enthusiasts love to do less time consuming while offering cool things like Kickbacks.

Where do I Find ModFind

You can start by visiting the ModFind website and signing up for an account. From there, you can check out and follow ModFind approved shops and dealers, scan listings, and connect with others that have the parts you need. Most importantly, ModFind provides everything a car enthusiast is looking for without exhaustive searches or dealing with inconsistent people from Craigslist or other buying and selling sites. Try ModFind today!

Written in Partnership with Amir Bakian

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