First Commercial Jetpack to Be Released in Late 2016

_main_commercial jetpack

Ever dream about being Tony Stark? Want to have the ability to rise high above the skies, gliding through the blue? Well, in 2016 you can… for a price.

According to ScienceAlert, in late 2016 Martin Industries, an Australian company, will release the the first commercial jetpack. The jetpack will retail for 150,000 Australian Dollars, which is roughly equal to $115,000 USD. The jetpack will be able to reach 1000 meters (upwards of 3,200 feet) and travel at 45 mph. Though this contraption does not even compare to Stark’s Iron Man, it is a great first step. And, perhaps, this jetpack can set the groundwork for future innovations.

Then, maybe one day, you can actually fly like Stark. 

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