First Look: Mac Healthbook App

Apple healthbook main

Despite the extroverted and hyper-popular connotations that iPhones imply, when you think of a fitness technology, Apple doesn’t quite jump to mind. That’s about to change.

According to a report in 9to5Mac, Apple is taking a giant leap into fitness technology with an upcoming app called Healthbook. Healthbook looks to be a doctor’s checkup in your pocket, tracking blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, sleep and heart rate, but also activity-based measurements like steps taken and calories burned. There’s also a built-in nutrition tab where you can input what you’ve eaten and track how many calories and macros you’re consuming.

In short, it has everything you need in a health-tracking app, including an Emergency Card tab that has your name, birth date, medication information, weight, eye color, blood type, organ donor status, and location in case of emergencies.

The design is trademark-Apple-sleek from the screenshots, but no one knows how the usability will be until the app drops.

No word yet on when Healthbook is set to launch-can it stack up to something like the GS5, with a built-in heart rate monitor? For Apple iOS users, it’s definitely a game changer.

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