Fisherman and ‘Uncharted Waters’ Host Peter Miller on His Essential Gear for a Fishing Trip

Fisherman and former sailfish tournament world champion Peter Miller has dropped lines all around the world. Having been fishing since he was three years old, Miller has experience with all kinds of trips, fish, and the gear you need when you get out on the water.

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Over four decades of fishing, something that hasn’t gotten old for Miller is the excitement and surprise of tossing out a line and not being sure about what’s coming next.

“What I love about fishing is the unknown,” Miller says. “When you go out there, you really don’t know what’s going to happen. You may catch something you didn’t know you were going to catch, you don’t know the size. I love the surprise of it. Every time I go out there I learn something new. It’s an always-evolving world to me”

As a professional fisherman and host of the Discovery Channel series Uncharted Waters, Miller gets to travel around the world to find the most interesting and beautiful places to fish. As part of his travels in hosting TV shows for over a decade, Miller has learned about the essential pieces of gear he needs for a successful trip.

“When I go on fishing trips, it’s very important to bring the necessities,” Miller says. “When you’re picking these items, they have to be top of the line, the best of the best, and they have to be weather-resistant. One of the greatest things about having a watch when you’re offshore is the fact that if you have a cell phone out there, it’s going to get wet. Everyone else is putting their phones away, nobody knows what time it is, but having this watch, the Promaster by Citizen, has been phenomenal for me. I always know what time it is, and it’s waterproof for when we go through a rainstorm.”

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Citizen Promaster collection / Citizen

“For me personally, I’m really excited about this watch, especially because It doesn’t need batteries These Eco Drives are unbelievable, they’re powered by any light. Then, I have my other set of Citizen watches, everywhere I go in the world, my Satellite Wave GPS Freedom watch sets itself to that time zone automatically.”

Watch the video for a full look at Miller getting out on the water and for more on his essential gear.

Fisherman and ‘Uncharted Waters’ Host Peter Miller gear
Christian O’Toole / Citizen

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