Fit Fix: Alcohol Kills 80,000 People Every Year

Fit Fix: Alcohol Kills 80,000 People Every Year

Alcohol kills 80,000 people every year in the Western Hemisphere.

The journal Addiction has published a study that says about 79.456 deaths in the Americas every year are directly caused by health complications related to drinking. Liver disease seemed to be the main culprit. Men were found to be three times as likely to die from drinking too much than women in the U.S. [EurekAlert]

Copycats beat out innovators when it comes to success.

Consider this pitch next time you’ve got a big interview: “Well I wouldn’t call myself a guy with big ideas, more like a guy who takes your ideas and makes them way better.” According to research from Indiana University, problem solving is most effective when a team is composed of copycats who learn, imitate, and improve upon one another’s work style. “Imitators often make their own improvements to the original solution, and these can, in turn, be adopted and improved upon by the originator and others,” said study co-author Thomas Wisdom in a press release.[EurekAlert]

Micro windmills could power your smartphone.

UT Arlington researchers have designed tiny windmills that could recharge your phone. The mini powerhouses measure only 1.8mm at their widest point, but some barely compare with mosquitoes in size. The future could see innumerable tiny windmills powering all sorts of devices in homes and in public. [ScienceDaily]

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Gold nano-particles developed to study viruses.

Finnish scientists have chemically modified gold to help investigate enteroviruses—nasty pathogenic buggers that are known not only to cause the flu but also other dangerous sicknesses and disorders, like heart muscle infections, paralysis, and diabetes. [EurekAlert]


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