Fit Fix: New Balance Has Created a 3D-Printed Running Shoe, and That’s Pretty Cool

New Balance's new 3D-printed trainer.

Morning, gents. Here’s the latest in cool stuff from around the Internet to kick your weekend off the right way on this Friday, November 20, 2015:

A New Dimension to Running: New Balance has created what it calls “the first high performance running shoe with a 3D-printed midsole,” the company announced. The new, limited-edition shoe is the product of a partnership between New Balance and 3D Systems, which created a proprietary powder to achieve “the optimal balance of flexibility, strength, weight and durability.” They’re set to debut in time for the Boston Marathon in April 2016.

Back in October, competitor Adidas unveiled its own 3D-printed shoe, the Futurecraft 3D, which it said could be “tailored to the cushioning needs of an individual’s foot.” (The Three Stripe Brand hasn’t yet announced any plans to mass-produce the Futurecraft, however, so New Balance’s kicks will probably end up in the hands—erm, on the feet?—of eager runners first.)  Hoka, meanwhile, is introducing its ultra-cushioned Vanquish 2 shoes, which feature a 3-D printed seamless upper, on January 1.

“They Just Bounce Off”: Noted astronomer and science hero Neil deGrasse Tyson explained how people in space might go about having sex, since ordinarily “you need something to keep you together during all the normal body movements.” The solution? “Bring a lot of leather belts,” he said on National Geographic’s StarTalk. That’s some 50 Shades stuff, professor.

Become the Human Torch: “Turn your wrists into flamethrowers!” That’s the premise behind the new Pyro Mini, a wearable fireball generator that can hide discreetly under your shirt cuffs until you need to light a charcoal grill or audition for Michael B. Jordan’s old role in the Fantastic Four—for the fiery hot price (terrible pun, sorry) of $147. [Ellusionist]

Human Intuition: So-called “intuitive eating”—the dietary approach that emphasizes maxims like “reject the diet mentality,” “honor your hunger” and “make peace with food”—isn’t all that effective at helping overweight people shed pounds, at least when compared to standard calorie-cutting measures, according to a study published in Nutrition and Health. [New York Times]

MVP! MVP!: The Nationals’ Bryce Harper has been named the National League MVP—the first Nationals player to win the award and, at just shy of 23 years old, the youngest unanimous MVP selection in the history of the game. Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Josh Donaldson won the award in the American League.


History. Made. Congratulations to you, Bryce Harper — the first #MVP award winner in #Nats history! #MVPDMV

Posted by Washington Nationals on Thursday, November 19, 2015

Just Release the Damn Movie Already: New Star Wars clip! More John Boyega! About whom we don’t know a thing!

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