Fit Fix: Sitting Through RomComs Will Save Your Relationship

Romcom rotator

1. The psychological benefits to “intimate” films.

The best way to nip problems in the bud between newlyweds might be as simple as plopping down on the couch with a healthy bowl of popcorn. A new study published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology says that by watching and discussing movies that focus on intimate relationships, couples can strengthen their bond and get any future quarrels out in the open and resolved before they even happen. [EurekAlert]  

2. The dangers of third-hand smoke.

While the risks of second-hand smoke are common knowledge by now, a new study conducted by the University of California Riverside says there’s increasing evidence that third-hand smoke, the remnants of cigarette smoke and their carcinogens on household furniture, clothing, etc., can can lead to serious health problems like cirrhosis, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. The study also found that third-hand smoke could lead to type 2 diabetes even in healthy people. [MNT]

3. Anti-oxidants could be cancerous double agents.

It seems almost universally accepted that the anti-oxidants found in everyday teas, veggies and supplements are cancer preventing good guys, but research from the University of Gothenburg suggests that the case might in fact be just the opposite. While anti-oxidants are known to clean up damaged free radicals, they might also speed up the development of lung tumors. The study was conducted on mice, however. [MNT]

4. One zap from a laser could tell if your sick.

Physicists from the University of Adelaide say they have developed a new kind of laser that could make big advances in medical tech. The futuristic ray beams could detect diseases simply by zapping your breath and pinpointing certain gases the body produces when sick (for example acetone seeps out when someone has diabetes). The new laser could also be used to analyze greenhouse gases. [ScienceDaily]  



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