Fitbit Flyer Review: Can Fitbit Make Wireless Earbuds As Good As Its Fitness Trackers?

Fitbit Flyer
Courtesy Fitbit

While the Ionic smartwatch is the star of the show for Fitbit this holiday, it’s also breaking ground in a new direction with the Fitbit Flyer, the brand’s first foray into wireless earbuds.

The Fitbit Flyer is a set of wireless earbuds connected by a fitness band, with stylish metal accents on the sides of the buds. The Flyer is stylish, and the angular design of the buds coordinates well with the rigid shape of the Ionic. Like many earbuds, the Flyer maneuvers through your playlist with a typical three-button navigation. The power button, though, is awkwardly situated on the top of the right earbud. It’s extremely easy to miss, and it actually took me a few minutes to find it the first time I tried to turn them on.

The main appeal of the Flyer is that it can work with Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch independently of a phone. Once you sync the Flyer to the Ionic for the first time, the earbuds will auto sync when you turn them on, and you can transfer your own music or your favorite Pandora stations to the Ionic using Fitbit’s app. If you want a truly phone-free music experience for your morning run, the Flyer works as advertised.

As far as sound quality goes, the Flyer is solid. I didn’t notice any audio cutting, and the music I listened to sounded clean and crisp. I wasn’t blown away by the sound, but I don’t really have any complaints about it either.

Ultimately, the best reason to get this pair of earbuds is because it can sync with the Ionic. If you’re the kind of person who hates having a phone in their pocket while going out for a run, the Flyer is a good choice. At $129, the Flyer isn’t unreasonable, but there are popular wireless earbuds you can get for considerably cheaper, albeit without the Flyer’s unique ability to sync to the Ionic. But if you already plan to get the Ionic in the first place, the Flyer is a sound investment.

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