Fitbit Launches the Ultra High-tech Alta HR

Fitbit launches the Alta HR with advanced heart rate and sleep tracking technology

Your favorite Fitbit can already track your heart rate, all-day activity, and kick those stats (and a crap-ton of others) all back to your smart phone.

Next up for Fitbit’s software suite? Sleep tracking.

The industry leader in personal fitnesss and health trackers has upped the ante with the launch of its latest product, the Alta HR, and advanced sleep tracking updates available via the Fitbit app.

Already one of the slimmest wearables on the market, the Alta HR utilizes Fitbit’s signature PurePulse heart rate technology to better measure calories burned all day and view real-time heart zones. PurePulse also powers one of Fitbit’s newest sleep tracking tools, Sleep Stages. Using accelerometer data and heart rate variability, Sleep Stages will allow you to track how long you spend in each stage of sleep (light, deep, and REM) and make lifestyle changes to maximize sleep quality.

Fitbit’s other sleep tracking update—Sleep Insights—combines data from over 3 billion nights of logged sleep to offer personalized sleep guidance and coaching. Both tools will be available via the Fitbit app this spring, but it’s important to note that while Sleep Insights will work with all Fitbit devices that track sleep, Sleep Stages will only work with the Alta HR, Blaze, and Charge 2 devices.

Whether you plan to go with one of the classic wristband styles in black or blue grey, or one from the luxe leather collection, just remember that you’ll only get out of your fitness tracker what you put into it. The Men’s Fitness total-body challenge or 5 kettle exercises for beginners is a great place to start racking up some data.

The Alta HR is available for pre-sale on on Monday, March 6 for $149.95. You’ll be able to purchase it at other retailers like Amazon, Target, and Macy’s in April. Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights will be available globally in Spring 2017.

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