Fitbit Surge Gets Tricked Out With New Software

Fitbit Surge Gets Tricked Out With New Software

Big news for enthusiasts of wearable tech: Fitbit has a new software update for the Fitbit Surge.

To be fair, the brand’s flagship watch/tracker is already equipped with some pretty impressive features. GPS tracking capabilities allow you to see your distance, pace, elevation climbed, and even review your split times and route. A PurePulse heart-rate monitor feeds you continuous, automatic figures. Your every move is tracked throughout the day; you can see how many steps you take, floors you climb, and calories you burn. The Surge tracks across multiple sports, too: You can review your workout whether you’re cycling, cross-training, or lifting weights.

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It even wirelessly syncs to your smartphone or computer, so you can automatically see your stats. Calls and texts appear on the display, and you can control music from your mobile playlist. What’s more, you can set silent alarms and monitor your sleep.

So yeah, it already did a lot. Are you thinking how they could possibly improve these features? Here’s how:

1. Run Cues:
To take your training to the next level, Fitbit added some functional features for runners to monitor their performance on the track, treadmill, or trails. For one, the Surge will send automatic alerts when you’ve reached your predetermined time or distance (you can choose which through the Fitbit app) during your run so you can pace more efficiently and make appropriate adjustments in real time. You can view lap pace, distance traveled/laps completed, and your average heart rate. The Surge does all the hard work for you (well, not all the hard work, but you get the point), so you can focus on what’s really important. Like hard work.

2. Extended GPS Battery Life:
For true stat geeks, few things ruins a hike or high-mileage run like a dead GPS. The Surge now boasts nearly double its original battery life and the ability to run GPS for up to 10 hours. Now you can walk, jog, and bike with confidence that your heart rate, route, and pace are being recorded seamlessly. (Besides, your watch should never be the reason you stop to recharge.)

3. Timer and Stopwatch Additions:
To further enhance your training, a timer and stopwatch have been included in the new Surge. You can record minutes, seconds, and fractions of a second (or configure your Surge to count values between 5 seconds and 95 minutes, and 55-second increments) to get a truly accurate reading on timed activities like track workouts and long distance runs. Every second counts when it comes to getting faster, stronger, and better. 

A fitter lifestyle and physique is in your hands, and the future of fitness is wrapped around your wrist. Isn’t it time you invest in your health? For more info, go to

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