Four Things Smart Cars of the Future Can Do That Yours Can’t

Four Things Smart Cars of the Future Can Do That Yours Can’t

CES might be over, but everyone’s still abuzz about a few things that were seen at the show: wearables, UHD TVs, and smart cars. “What a customer knows from his smartphone, he will also expect from his car,” Mercedes-Benz development chief Thomas Weber told Reuters. Here are four things to look forward to in the future.

1. An electric car that can gauge its own battery life. BMW rolled out the i3, which is geared toward urban consumers, and can go up to 100 miles without needing a charge. The software in the car could even help your commute by telling you where to find a charge station.

2. Full Android integration in vehicles from Audi, Honda, Hyundai, GM, BMW, and others. With Apple’s hands already in Ford, BMW, and several other brands, Google’s response to work the Android OS first into Audi came at this year’s CES. These cars will not only sync with your smartphone, but also upgrade their native software as needed.

3. Speaking of upgrades, an updated, predictive cruise control in Mercedes-Benz vehicles could, according to IBN, “adapt a vehicle’s engine revs and gear to suit the gradient of a slope.” Satellite maps are evolving, and Benz is working on vehicles that could upgrade themselves with their maps to make cruise control even easier.

4. Driverless cars. It seemed far-fetched in science fiction, but at CES this year, Delphi Automotive PLC, a provider of auto parts and technology to major manufacturers including Ford, GM, and Volvo, showed off a scenario that would include “autonomous driving lanes,” where smart cars could go on autopilot. The future is really here.

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