Functional Bikinis and Surf Gear for Girls, with a Place to Store a Key

For cold-water cruisers, women’s wetsuits have handy things like a key-holder. But what about warm-water surfers? It’s frustrating to waste precious moments at the start of a surf session scrabbling around the sand or lurking nonchalantly beside a rock to stuff your key in a “secure” spot.

Josea Surfwear also offers matching bikini bottoms with a key-holder. Photo: Courtesy of Josea Surfwear

Although traditional bikinis are snazzily stylish, as surfers we need the functionality aspect that men’s surfwear has, too. Men’s boardshorts tend to always be equipped with a nifty key-holder string, or a pocket to securely fasten a key. Yet, few of the big brand womens’ bathing surf wear makers offer a key-holder option built into bikinis.

Fortunately, more brands are jumping on the bandwagon of addressing this problem. Here are the ones that are leading the charge, creating water-wear that serves lady sliders in the surf.

Bikini Top

Attach a key to either the bikini top or bottom. Photo: Courtesy of Josea Surfwear

Josea Surfwear offer the most comprehensive solution on the market for the problem. Their bikini top has a custom designed small pocket where one can tuck in a key after looping it around the bikini back.

Added to this, they offer matching bikini bottoms, with a small loop to attach a key, and a pocket to tuck it in so it doesn’t dangle about. Best of all, the bikinis are made from recycled fishing nets, plastic and other waste products offering the perfect solution for any eco-friendly mermaids out there.

Bikini Bottoms

Attach a key to the string tie on the side. Photo: Courtesy of Zealous Clothing

Zealous Clothing‘s bikini bottoms have a string-tie perfect to attach a key.

They come in a variety of reversible prints, and have a wider crotch to keep everything covered even when sitting on your board. Designed for surfers, the string tie tightens the bottoms leaving your key (and your dignity) securely fastened.

One-piece Swimsuit

Stay sassy and secure with this loop string key holder built inside the swimsuit. Photo: Courtesy of Indigo & Salt

The one-piece suit seems like a sure fire way to keep a key safe, but without a key holder string, you can be at a loose end pondering where to thread it through.

Fortunately, SAL has created one-piece swimsuits with a key holder string built into the side. Stay looking sassy (they come in super stylish designs) and secure with this custom built key loop.


Designed with a handy back pocket to zip up a key. Photo: Courtesy of Mi-OLA

Not only does this jazzy print evoke mermaid connotations (just look at those glitzy scales) but Mi-OLA‘s rash guard has a handy zip pocket built into the back, keeping that key safe.

These rash guards are a perfect blend of fitting functionality with fashion.

Surf Leggings

The side pocket offers a secure solution for your key. Photo: Courtesy of Dkoko

Dkoko‘s surf leggings feature a key pocket on the side so you can slot in a key and get sliding in the surf.

They’re designed with an elastic waistband and an internal drawstring around the waist to tie tightly on extra big days. Surf away in certain security that both your key and your modesty remain intact.

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