Gadget Alert: PUSH Band Tracks Your Strength


A Toronto-based startup has a treat in the works for anybody who spends serious time lifting weights. PUSH is an app-enabled band that analyzes your performance using scientific metrics to help you reach your strength goals. The PUSH band and app help you plan workouts, optimize already in-use routines, and track your reps, sets, force, power, balance, speed, and load volume.

The PUSH band and app “streamlines your progress so your routine constantly adapts to you in real time, and over time, while reducing the risk of injury,” says Rami Alhamad, CEO and co-founder of PUSH. Watch the video below for a tutorial on how it works. The PUSH band ($149, is available for preorder now and will hit the market this May. Don’t miss out on this awesome new way to track your fitness.

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