Gadget Alert: Spree Fitness Monitor


If you thought the 1980s were the heyday of the headband as a sort of male leg warmer, think again.

“Spree obtains your biometric information comfortably from your forehead,” the device’s website states. “Additionally, the Spree’s sleek water-resistant design, made from silicone rubber, can help channel sweat from your eyes.”

Spree claims to grab not only your sweat, but also your metrics in ways a wristband can’t. It’s the first fitness band to track your body temperature (hence the on-the-forehead design) along with basics like heart rate and calories burned. Dropping $300 on a device that makes you look like a Springsteen wannabe and does little more than a thermometer and a FuelBand could collectively pull off—it seems steep to us, but we’re game to try it. Learn more at

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