Gadget Review: Nike+ FuelBand


We know. It’s tough to track your fitness progress and stay accountable to your goals. That’s where the new Nike+ FuelBand comes in. This non-bulky wristband monitors your every move—so you know how much you’re burning (even when you’re not at the gym). And like a personal trainer, it celebrates your achieved goals, and shows you when it’s time to kick it in.

The Nike+ FuelBand is easy to use: download Nike’s program to your computer, get the app, snap on the band, and start moving. Once you create your profile, the band tracks your burned calories and gives you an acceleration-based “Nike Fuel count” for high-paced activity (measured from your wrist movement). For example, when you move quickly—running, walking, basketball, dancing and even cooking—you gain fuel faster than you would if you stayed sedentary. It also has a clock so you can wear it in place of your sports watch, and comes in different sizes. Simply change out links to get the right fit for your wrist.

The FuelBand syncs to your smartphone or iPad via Bluetooth, or hooks up to your computer, where you can monitor your progress on Nike Plus. It records your total active time for the day, total miles walked, and you can view your best day, week, and month, or best streak (three or more days working out in a row). You’ll know exactly when you’ve met your daily goals or fitness milestones. If you thrive on competition, go social with your Fuel Count. Share on Facebook or Twitter to see how you compare to other athletes in your age group, and all 10 million members of the Nike+ online community.

We loved it. The Nike+ FuelBand turns your simple daily routine into a sport, (think: grocery shopping or walking to work) and keeps you moving even when you aren’t at the gym. Wear the Nike+ FuelBand to stay accountable—if you fall short of your daily goal, you know to clock a few more minutes on the treadmill, thanks to the band. The super-fast, easy-sync system logs workouts immediately, so you’ll never lose track. Plus, the battery lasts a few days and charges quickly. Our only gripe? To get the most out of tracking your progress, you’d have to wear it 24/7, which could get annoying. It resists sweat and water, but we recommend taking it off before hopping in your post-workout shower.

BUY IT: $149;

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