Gadget Review: Samsung Gear Fit

Gadget Review: Samsung Gear Fit

The Samsung Gear Fit ($200) is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It’s part smartwatch, part tracker, and it just looks awesome on the wrist.

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Gear Fit features the world’s first curved Super AMOLED display on a wearable device. The 1.4-inch color touchscreen attaches to interchangeable wristbands for a sleek look. The screen can be viewed vertically or horizontally and displays text, a weather graphic, G.P.S. routes from your phone, graphs of your calories burned, and a fully customizable background.

The health and fitness data stored on the Gear Fit syncs to the S Health app, where you can track and share your progress. 

The pedometer, heart rate monitor, timer, stopwatch and sleep tracker, which work offline, help you reach your fitness goals. Set a step goal in the pedometer and get a ping when you’re done. Set distance, time or calorie goals in walking, running, cycling, and hiking and get moving as your heart rate is tracked and pings tell you to pick up the pace when you’re slacking.

Powered by Bluetooth 4.0 LE, the Gear Fit boasts a notification system that lets you get updates from apps like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, and notifies you of calls, texts, e-mails, and events. When you’re receiving a call, swipe the touchscreen to reject the call and automatically respond with a text message that you’ve customized on your phone.  After receiving a text, tap “quick reply” to answer using a premade response, essentially texting from your wrist. 

A gadget that immerses you into its world, the Gear Fit is dust- and water-resistant so it’s safe to wear in the shower. The battery lasts between two and five days, depending on how you use it. 

Overall, the gadget eliminates the need to check your phone every five seconds, making it a nod toward the more intelligent end of the smartwatch spectrum. 

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