Games Worth Your Cash: Uncharted Dual Pack


Why You Want It: A buddy of mine used to tell me he would play Uncharted when his girlfriend was around because it looked good enough to pass off as a movie. My initial reaction was, “Aren’t there better entertainment options when your girlfriend is around”? Which was quickly followed by, “There is no way Uncharted is that good.” Well, I was wrong about one of ‘em. Uncharted may actually be more fun than your girlfriend. It’s a simple story—you’re Nathan Drake, treasure hunter, who is always chasing the big score. The only problem is there’s a crew of pirates looking for the same stuff. They’ve got lots of guns and little patience, so expect lots of action-packed running, jumping, climbing and shooting. And if that weren’t enough, the game is presented flawlessly. The cinematography draws you into the experience, especially during the cut scenes. The controls aren’t clunky, either—Drake does what you want, when you want him to. The coolest part, though, is they just released the first two games in a dual pack , meaning you can get them both on the cheap ($40 bucks), and play Among Thieves immediately after you finish Drake’s Fortune. Take your time and you’ll finish ‘em up right before Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception drops.

The Uncharted: Dual Pack drops September 6, while Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception comes out November 1.

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