Garmin is Bringing Alexa Into Your Car

Image via Garmin

Garmin and Alexa just called shotgun.

The GPS purveyors have introduced a new mini-Alexa gadget called Garmin Speak. It affixes right to your front window and is a little black circle with a blue LED light. It also has direction arrows pop up in the small display.

You don’t need to chirp up with exact directions for the Speak, but you do have to ask Alexa to ask Garmin to find something. So, something like, “Alexa, ask Garmin to find the nearest Pizza Hut lunch buffet.” Then you’re getting whisked away to all the lukewarm pizza you can handle. 

Along with directions, the Speak also performs other Alexa functions like changing your tunes or setting reminders with simple voice commands. Allowing you to focus on the road instead of pulling out a phone or tablet. 

The Speak will run $150 and connects to the car’s stereo. Check out all the bells and whistles over at Garmin.

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