Garmin Releases New Top of the Line Sports Watch, the Forerunner 935

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It seems like just yesterday I was beginning to fall in love with the Garmin Forerunner 735, a damn-near perfect fitness watch that’s more than capable of handling the rigors of the half-assed marathon training cycle I’ve been fumbling through for what seems like an eternity. Nevertheless, Garmin has just announced the follow-up to that watch, the Forerunner 935, a multi-sport device that adds plenty of new metrics and features to justify the upgrade. 

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In fact, there’s so much going on inside the 935 that it can be a bit daunting. Its basic functions are as easy as ever to access and presumably just as reliable — like its predecessors, the 935 takes mere seconds to get locked into a GPS signal so you can start a run or a bike ride. It’s what happens after your activity that really stands out. Newly introduced on the 935 are tools like Training Load, Training Status, and Training Effect, which has been updated to provide data on your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. It got a barometric altimeter, support of Strava live segments, and a whole host of new sensors specifically geared toward cycling. Also, I’ve had the chance to mess around with it for the past couple days, and it keeps telling me to get up and move. I want to tell it I’d be happy to if it would agree to do all my work for me, but I suspect this would be an exercise in futility.

In the hand, or on the wrist, the 935 feels a bit more substantial than the 735. It’s inherited the metal buttons of the more rugged, fashion-conscious Fenix 5, and the side of the case gets some nice detailing. It comes with the two strap options you see above — one that will make you look and feel fast, and one for those among us who don’t want everyone to know we’re secretly tracking our heart rate even as we walk from our desk to the restroom because our watch told us to. 

The 935 is out today and retails for $499 for the watch only, or $649 as part of the Tri-Bundle, which also includes a “set of black bands, HRM-TRI™ monitor, HRM-Swim™ monitor, and Quick release kit.” (Buy here:

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