Gear Lab: The Cake Kalk& Electric Motorcycle Is a Blast on the Street and the Trail

Whether it’s trail riding or commuting, electric motorcycles are becoming more capable. Case in point: the Kalk&, built by the Swedish company Cake. Designed for on- and off-road use, this fully electric motorcycle is tuned for a thrilling ride wherever you take it. Plus, its electric powertrain is super quiet and better for the environment than a traditional gas-powered engine. We recently sat down with Zach Clayton, Cake’s North American brand manager, to learn more about what makes the Kalk& (pronounced “Kalk-and”) so exciting. In his view, the initial appeal of these bikes boils down to three simple facts.

“They’re light, they’re clean, and they’re quiet,” he told Men’s Journal.

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But that’s just the start. The bike weighs just 160 pounds, and although it tops out at 60 mph, the 10-kilowatt electric motor is especially torquey, so it can get going in a hurry. With its quick acceleration, light frame, and all-terrain tires, the bike is just as nimble in traffic as it is on the trail.

“What’s fun about the bike is how good it is in different environments,” Clayton said.

It’s also ideal for wheelies, if that’s your thing.

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Could this be your new bike? If you’re looking for a high-performance, environmentally friendly set of wheels, it’s hard to beat that Kalk&. Check out the video above to learn more about the bike and watch our full conversation with Clayton.


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