Gear News: BioLite is making a smokeless, Bluetooth-controlled fire pit

The campfire hasn’t really needed an update throughout the ages. But that didn’t stop BioLite from trying. And they haven’t just tried: They’ve succeeded with a Kickstarter campaign for their new BioLite FirePit ($199).

A smokeless, Bluetooth-controlled campfire is a pretty radical idea when it comes to something as simple as fire. But with 30 days still left in the campaign, they’ve already blown the doors off their funding goal of $100,000.

The concept that has been over two years in development for BioLite is the addition of the Bluetooth airflow system, which uses a fan to inject the fire with air across 51 jets. As said in the video, this “dramatically improves combustion, burning particulate matter before it has a chance to leave the fire. So you can go spark to smokeless in under 30 seconds.”

This creates a smokeless quality compared to the otherwise normal style of fire pit. It burns wood and charcoal and also comes with a grate top to turn the FirePit into a grill — meaning it’s not only a campfire, but it’s also a stove.

The BioLite FirePit works with wood or coal. Photo: Courtesy of BioLite

The airflow pack offers up to 24 hours of burning, detaches for easy charging, also operates as a charger for other devices and can itself be recharged via a special solar pack that’s included as a reward in the Kickstarter campaign.

You can use Bluetooth to control the airflow pack within the FirePit, which in turn controls the strength of the flames. The more air you introduce, the hotter the fire.

BioLite is aiming to start shipping the first FirePits in May 2018, and with the campaign having already raised upward of $600,000, it’s clear they’re going to be shipping a lot of them. No one really knew we needed a better campfire until BioLite decided to make one.

The BioLite FirePit. Photo: Courtesy of BioLite

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