Gear News: Tepui SkyCamp tents are rooftop tents without a car

Tepui Tents are known for their rooftop car tents that set up easily and give a new perspective on car camping.

But what about when you don’t want to camp with a car? Well, Tepui heard that concern and recently deployed their SkyCamp collection which is essentially rooftop camping without the need for a car roof — or even a treeless treehouse if you will.

The SkyCamp Kukenam 4. Photo: Courtesy of Tepui Tents
A community of the SkyCamp Autana 4. Photo: Courtesy of Tepui Tents

The SkyCamp models come with a wooden structure that the tent securely rests on. Below this structure (where the car would normally be), is a built-in picnic table. The tents are meant to be semi-permanent structures that are still semi-portable.

As Tepui says on their website, “The new Tepui SkyCamp [collection] is an easy, turnkey solution for landowners to provide a unique recreational experience. The SkyCamp is a durable and comfortable structure, perfect for short term campers and guests.”

The SkyCamp collection offers four models, with the cheapest starting at $2,650. While it might not totally change the way we do our day-to-day camping, if you’re looking to take your camping abode to new heights, it could be up your alley.

The SkyCamp Autana 3. Photo: Courtesy of Tepui Tents

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