Gear News: The Grateful Dead Wetsuit We’ve All Been Waiting For

There was a time in the last couple of decades where contemporary surfing, surf craft and surf aesthetics were the only things the majority of surfers gave weight to. But that also opened the window for the exploration of the retro, the vintage and the rediscovering of ideas and concepts that were already previously explored.

Nowadays, in any lineup around the world you’re likely to find surf craft built around ideas spanning just about any decade. The resurgence of surfboards other than potato chip-thin shortboards being ridden has also given way to the resurgence of past looks for clothing, board shorts wetsuits and more (i.e. retro).

Leave it to Laguna Beach, California’s Thalia Surf Shop to give Grateful Dead-loving surfers something they’ve also dreamed up: a wetsuit with the iconic Steal Your Face logo on it.

The Thalia Be Grateful 3mm Wetsuit ($270) is a fullsuit that features a smooth retro look. It’s a back zip suit made from limestone-based neoprene, offering glued and fully taped seams to maximize warmth. Essentially, it’s a suit that looks like it was made in the 1960s but performs like a modern-day, performance wetsuit.

The Be Grateful Fullsuit. Photo: Courtesy of Thalia
The Steal Your Face logo. Photo: Courtesy of Thalia

With the Steal Your Face logo sewn onto the chest, you can let everyone in the lineup know where your allegiance lies. Easily one of the most unique functional wetsuits around, if you’re a Grateful Dead fan you’ll certainly want to get your hands on one.

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