Gear Review: Outdoor Voices Activewear Kit

How many pieces of activewear do you own? Now, ask yourself: Of that number, how many do you actually wear?

With the amount of brands that have made their way into the activewear space (a category that does not seem to be losing any relevance) it’s hard not to want to buy one of everything. How else are you going to decipher which has the best quality?

Outdoor Voices makes apparel that fuses form and function. Photo: Emily Fick

With that in mind, we set out to look for the perfect spring kit that would work for a variety of sports, and look good while doing it. And we found that in the Outdoor Voices Trail Jacket ($135) and Relay Short ($60).

Hidden pockets keep you cell phone and other necessities secure and incognito. Photo: Emily Fick

Why We Chose It:

Not only has Outdoor Voices burst onto the scene one of the hottest new brands in activewear, but they also acknowledge something we’re all guilty of: wearing activewear for activities that, well, aren’t active. The brand’s slogan, “Technical apparel for recreation” is a nod to the idea that activewear has gone beyond being designated just for your morning run or evening yoga class … we wear it all the time.

A hood means inclement weather won’t be an issue, and hidden back panels and mesh keep you cool on the trail, and beyond. Photo: Emily Fick

Why We Liked It:

We’ll admit, we were drawn to OV for aesthetic purposes straight off the bat. We’d heard good things about the brand and loved the way it looked, but because OV didn’t have any retail locations near us at the time of testing (they have an LA location now), we figured we needed to get our hands on some product.

The jacket is lightweight and thoughtfully designed. From seamless zipper closures that didn’t snag, to small pockets within pockets for our cellphone, spare tissue, house keys and more, we weren’t jangling like a one-woman band as we trekked up the trail.

Not only was the jacket material slinky and smooth (and so comfortable), it also kept us warm in shady spots, as well as cool when the sun hit.

Made from material so lightweight, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Photo: Emily Fick

With an almost-dolphin-short cut, the Relay shorts provided enough coverage in the back that we could bend and jump as we pleased, but weren’t so long in the front that we felt lost in the fabric, or overheated.

And they don’t compromise style. Photo: Emily Fick

Tester Tip:

Outdoor Voices runs true to size so there’s no hassle with online ordering if you’re too far away to visit one of their locations, and all of the prints are understated enough that even the author (with a penchant for an all-black wardrobe) felt comfortable wearing a variety of colorways.

You can pick up your own kit here.

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