This Genius Gadget Beams Your Heart Info Directly to Your Phone


Here’s some nervous-making news: A 25-year study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiolgy found that 18-to 30-year-olds with higher-than-average blood pressure end up with weaker hearts later in life—and you know what that can mean.

So, how’s your heart doing?

Luckily, health innovator MocaCare has just released a beaut of a monitor that makes finding out easy—and if you’re a gadget guy, you’ll love it. The MocaHeart ($149, is a sleek, credit card–size device that scans your thumb and in just 25 seconds sends your heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood flow (it uses calculations based on blood speed as it travels through the body—displayed on a 1–5 scale—to assess heart health and bp) to an iPhone app (Android’s coming any day now).

“Once people monitor their vitals and see positive changes, they’re much more engaged and committed to a healthier lifestyle,” says Moca medical adviser Adi Nosrati, M.D.

We’d like to keep you around for a while.

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