Get Energized On Your Runs With These Crystal Clear Earphones


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One of the joys of going out for a run is the isolation. Just you and your thoughts in the glory of mother nature. For many, that isolation means zoning out and energizing up with some music. And if you like music when you go running, these Klipsch T5 II True Wireless Sport McLaren Edition Earphones are for you.

Klipsch is one of the best brands out there for your audio needs. So to make sure that the audio needs of the athletically inclined are met, Klipsch has teamed up with McLaren. With this team-up, you won’t lose anything in terms of sound or strength.

McLaren makes sure race car drivers can hear perfectly. Taking that to the streets is a good indicator that you will be in good hands with these Klipsch McLaren Edition Earphones. Audio through thick and thin is a big bonus with this partnership. But that isn’t all you get with these headphones.

Style may not be the first thing you look for when it comes to headphones, but the Klipsch McLaren Edition Earphones are really stunning looking. With this Klipsch / McLaren partnership, they come in a unique and appealing McLaren Orange color scheme. That way you can accessorize with your workout.

For the athlete, you can’t go with any ole pair of headphones and the like. You need something that is durable and made to handle stress and sweat. That is what these Klipsch McLaren Edition Earphones can do. There’s no breakdown coming down the road because of your workouts.

Another element you need for your workouts is something that won’t get in the way. Over the ear headphones can be too much for a man on the move. The Klipsch McLaren Edition Earphones won’t get in the way. They’re small and compact, barely noticeable when you’re wearing them.

Klipsch McLaren Edition Earphones


Don’t let that small size fool you. The Klipsch McLaren Edition Earphones are monsters in the audio department. You can blast any kind of music you want and you will be ready to rock. Nothing will get in the way of your tunes when these are on, making a workout go a lot smoother.

Comfort and convenience are key elements of the Klipsch McLaren Edition Earphones too. There are 6 different ear tip options you can choose for your ear. Safety is important too. You can press a button on the side of these to get a quick sense of your surroundings without losing the tunes.

When you pick the ear tips that work for you, the Klipsch McLaren Edition Earphones will be amongst the most comfortable headphones you’ll find. The in-ear section of this is made specifically to offer comfort beyond the competitors. It’ll stay in and it won’t fall out, thanks to the strong grip they’re made with.

As anyone who works out can tell you, sweat is something that needs to be taken into account. Many headphones can’t handle the rigors of a workout. But the Klipsch McLaren Edition Earphones can do so. Not just the buds themselves. But the case for them as well, thanks to some high-quality water resistance

Klipsch is one of the great audio brands out there. By teaming up with McLaren, you can be sure that the audio of the Klipsch McLaren Edition Earphones is great and they can handle your workout. So pick up a pair now to make your workouts go a lot more entertaining.

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