Gifts Guys Really Want—Under $200: Miroir MP150 Pocket Projector


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Life moves fast—tech moves faster. New gadgets come along everyday, it seems. Some are fantastic, while others promise more than they can deliver. We never really know how a product is going to perform, let alone be received, until we try one out for ourselves. That’s why we can say, with supreme confidence, that the Miroir MP150 mini pocket projector is a gadget most guys are going to love.

Lightweight, portable, and powerful, the battery-operated MP150 is a bit bigger than an iPhone, but it’s a powerful little machine. And it works great. We’ve taken ours to the backyard for movies and and to our buddy’s house to watch the big fight. Designed specifically for use with mobile devices, it goes anywhere and everywhere—but we like it best set up at home on the coffee table for a personal, portable home theater system.

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The potential is obvious and far-reaching. Imagine slideshows at family gatherings in the park, movies in the extra bedroom or in hotel rooms—or even outdoors in the driveway or at the campsite. Sales reps could have quick and easy access to projection on their own terms, with their own equipment; imagine presentations on the fly, in any conference room or office with an open wall. And what about gaming? Think about playing Fortnite with all your buddies online—super-sized on the dorm room wall. The possibilities are endless.


It’s dependable. The Miroir MP150A utilizes RGB LEDs as its light source, to create incredibly bright and colorful images. Unlike traditional projectors, the MP150A has no filters or lamps to replace; the LED lamp should last up to 20,000 hours. The key technology in the MP150A, though, is the use of a 720p chip with IntelliBright DLP technology to dynamically adjust the brightness based on the room’s ambient light. The result is a projected image with better contrast and a clearer picture, with increased energy efficiency—which means it can carry a longer charge. (The rechargeable battery give us around two hours on a single charge.) Two built-in 1-watt speakers are fine for presentations and such, but for movies and gaming we like to sync our MP150 with an external Bluetooth speaker for fuller sound with more low-end oomph.

The Miroir MP150A easily connects to streaming media players like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Google Chromecast. You can also share streaming content from your phone or tablet via applications like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. It’s so simple. With no input settings or mode options to choose from, the interface is basically plug and play.

The MP150 is smack dab in the middle of Miroir’s product line. You can spend way more (the top-of-the-line HD M300A) or far less (the entry-level M45) but remember: With tech like this, you usually get what you pay for. The mid-range Miroir MP150 is a fantastic value on truly game-changing tech.



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