Google’s Gboard Wants to Change the Way You Text

Courtesy Google

What was life before Google? The answer: probably the worst. You couldn't just get on your phone and quickly search for the YouTube video of that kid who loves turtles or that insane beer mile, let alone figure out where the hell you're going. And now Google has introduced the free iOS app Gboard, a keyboard option that removes an extra searching step for iPhone users, and makes it easier to text friends GIFs and links as simple as you can the beer mugs or flame emoji. 

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Once you download the app, it's a quick set-up. Like any keyboard you want to use, you can make it the default by going into Settings and General. Otherwise, to use it in a text or app, tap and hold the "Globe" icon on the lower left-hand corner of the screen and select Gboard. Meeting your wife at a new restaurant tonight? Search for it right in your conversation, and it'll come up in the keyboard browser. Tap on it, and the address and link instantly appear in the body of the message. You can even call to make reservations right there. Of course, this function isn't anything too new for Android users, who have the Now on Tap and Quick Search Bar features. 

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Google says iPhone users will need to have the separate app to use the keyboard for now. But hey, at least now our buddies won't end up at the wrong bar ever again. 

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