Grab Yourself The Soon To Launch Gen 5E Smartwatch From Fossil

Gen 5E Smartwatch

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We are getting very close to the holiday season folks. October is pretty much over and when Halloween comes to an end, the holidays will be here before we can even react. There’s no reason to wait around and put off picking up gifts. Why not use the time you have to get that whole process going now?

The world we live in has been one of an increasing reliance on gadgets. They make our lives a whole lot easier. And depending on the gadget, it can also even double as a fashion accessory. There’s now a whole big industry of smartwatches with a great balance of style and function.

It should come as no surprise that when it comes to the watch game, Fossil has made quite the impression. For a long time, you could pick up a Fossil watch and be impressed with the purchase. And that can be shifted over to the smartwatch game. Especially in recent times, as Fossil has been rocking it.

Gen 5E Smartwatch

Since gadgets and smartwatches have become such a big part of everyday life, we have gotten used to the fact that upgrades are a common occurrence too. And not just software updates. Actual hardware updates that can take something that’s already great and streamline it to be even better than before.

Fossil knows a lot about the upgrade game. Come November 3rd, Fossil is going to show everyone how to handle the upgrade game. Because that is when Fossil will launch the Gen 5E Smartwatch. Which you will want to preorder now, either for yourself or a loved one for the holidays.

Right off the bat, you will be very impressed with the Gen 5E Smartwatch. That’s because it is quite an impressive looking piece of tech. Just looking at it will make you want to pick it up. Any of the color/style options you choose from will be a great addition to any guys wardrobe.

When you pick out the style of Gen 5E Smartwatch that works best for you, you can also choose the size that’s right for you. Which is new in this upgrade, as you can choose from 44mm or the brand new to this upgrade 42mm size option. Greater variety makes for a greater product

Gen 5E Smartwatch

Now that you got the style and sizing right for you, you can start to play around and see what makes the Gen 5E Smartwatch so great. Whether you are wearing it out to run errands or you’re going to exercise, this little ditty will be a welcome addition to your life.

A great new addition to the Gen 5E Smartwatch in this upgrade is the multiple options for the battery. You can choose between multiple settings to affect how long the battery will last in the day. It all depends on how you want to use it. No matter the option, you can get an 80% charge in just 50 minutes if needed.

Do you want to use the Gen 5E Smartwatch as just a watch? You can do so and that will limit the amount of battery needed. Or you can use the basic battery mode, which will mean it needs to be charged every night. There’s also the option to customize it based on how much/what apps you will use.

Another great benefit of the Gen 5E Smartwatch is how it can connect to most phones. iPhones and Androids connect to it with ease and even though it is powered with the Wear OS by Google, using this watch is really easy. Especially when you can’t get to your phone during a workout.

The connectivity of the Gen 5E Smartwatch is amazing because you can either use the touchscreen or voice commands to use the apps on it. You can get texts and phone calls on the watch. Basically, you can use the watch as a gofer between you and your phone. All of which is hands-free.

Gen 5E Smartwatch

This hands-free approach is great when you’re working out not just for the text/phone call application, but for fitness purposes too. Because not only is this a great watch, it’s a great fitness tracker. It comes with a Wellness app for you to track cardio tracking, heart rate tracking, and activity tracking.

Having the Wellness app makes the Gen 5E Smartwatch such a great benefit for anyone that likes to stay active. Not only does it do all that fitness tracking, but it’s also swim-proof. You won’t have to worry about this amazing piece of high tech gadgetry breaking on you.

One final bit that makes this Gen 5E Smartwatch upgrade so great is that it can be used for contactless payments. Set up Google pay on the watch so you can go in and out of your favorite stores without having to break out the wallet. This is especially great to have in 2020.

If you want to get yourself something special or you want to get a gift for a loved one, the Gen 5E Smartwatch is an amazing gift to have. A great watch that keeps you handsfree on the go or during a workout. Preorder it now to get it shipped out in Early November. It’ll work for anyone under the sun.

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