GripRx: the Innovative New Lacrosse Grip Designed With a Purpose

Erica Schultz

What do baseball and lacrosse have in common? It’s right in the palm of your hands.

Seasoned lacrosse players wrap layers of tape around the butt end of their lacrosse stick to build up the narrow, round stick so it fits better in their hands and gives them more leverage and power when shooting and passing.

Enter serial inventor and former college baseball player Travis Nardin, who created the GripRx, a contoured, ergonomic grip a player slips over the bottom of a bat or lacrosse stick for better control and leverage.

“The connection between your equipment and hands is paramount to success,” says Nardin. “But when you look at current sporting equipment designs, particularly in sports using sticks, the hand-stick connection is often ergonomically inefficient and can hinder a player’s ability to achieve their max performance levels.

“The unique GripRx design, however, works naturally with your bottom hand to give you more comfort and more control, which culminates in better performance.”

Though Nardin initially created the GripRx to be used on baseball bats, after teaming up with Matt Ratner, a friend and college baseball player, they shifted their focus to lacrosse and arranged a meeting with Major League Lacrosse player Kyle Harrison.

“We believed that the GripRx design will benefit lacrosse players of all ages and skill levels,” explained Ratner. “After meeting with Kyle Harrison and witnessing the immediate excitement from one of the sport’s top pros, our decision to focus on lacrosse was a natural next step.”

Harrison couldn’t agree more.

“I immediately loved the feel of it,” he says. “Then once I got on the field for the first time and was really able to step into a shot, the amount of leverage and torque I was able to generate because it fit my hand so naturally—well, it’s night and day compared with before.”


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