HealthTap Prime Launches Today

HealthTap Prime Launches Today

Face it, we all put off going to the doctor way longer than we should, and nobody wants to take hours out of their busy day to go sit in a germ-infested office. Or maybe you’ve experienced that moment when your skin turns a funny color or your throat feels scratchy only to call the doctor and get an appointment two week out. One way to limit all the doctor drama is to avoid going to the office altogether. HealthTap is an interactive web and mobile app that connects millions of people around the world with the most trusted health information and doctors. Today, HealthTap is launching its prime version, bringing users a host of new, easy-to-use features and upgrades.

HealthTap Prime is a subscription-based service that includes 24/7 live, unlimited virtual consultations with top doctors via HD video, audio, and chat. What’s more, it also provides free access to its ever growing knowledgebase of doctor-created health answers and tips. It might be better to skip the Google search about your bizarre rash and take it straight to the experts on this one. It will save you a lot of time and guessing whether or not that third comment on Yahoo! Answers is actually legitimate. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from Prime:

> Unlimited 24/7 access to top doctors via live HD video and audio as well as chat. This gives patients immediate access to health from anywhere at anytime.
> Patients can store all of their health information in one place for reference by any future doctor.
> Doctor curated checklists that keep users engaged and on top of our health. With access to the premium service members can customize these checklists with live virtual house calls.
> The largest resource of Physician Q&A with more than 1.8 billion answers.
> Personalized service allows users to have a more in-depth profile that allows doctors to give more customized advice, answers, tips and news.

Of course, it’s a good idea to keep going in to see your doc for routine check-ups and physicals. However, when you need an answer and you need it now, HealthTap Prime is an incredible and safe resource. Did we mention you can video chat with a doctor almost instantly? That’s practically the same as sitting in the examination room, right?

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