Here’s a beach chair that can charge your gadgets while you do beach things

In a world where we’ve become dependent on our gadgets, it seems crucial that we keep them charged — even when at the beach or camping.  

There are great products like panels and charging bricks that do wonders, but they’re extra pieces of gear to pack, which means an extra thing to carry. Let us introduce you to the Charge Chair: 15 watts of solar power built right into a canopy sports chair.

The new-fangled Charge Chair is currently running a Kickstarter campaign that aims to make this ingenious chair a reality and in your hands by this August — just in time for the best part of summer.

The Charge Chair in action. Photo: Kickstarter
The Charge Chair in action. Photo: Kickstarter

With the 15-watt panel and two 2.4-amp USB ports, charge time for anything from a GoPro to bluetooth speakers to your phone is estimated at about the same time it takes with a normal wall charger.

When two pieces of gear (like a solar panel and a chair) are combined to make one, sensible piece of gear, you can always count us on board. The chair is set to retail at $150, but the early price of $69 is available through Kickstarter.


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