Hot5 Fitness: a 5-Minute Workout on Your Phone

Hot5 app teaser

It sucks to lose momentum at the gym because of a busy day at work or a wacky travel schedule. But, alas, the “I have no time” excuse is a complaint of the past. The Hot5 Fitness app, released in August, mobilizes the convenience of exercise DVDs by making 5-minute exercise videos available on your smartphone.

Hot5 was conceptualized by Vlad Margulis, who’s a product designer who led UX at Pandora and worked on early social search problems at Google along with Sam Shank, the co-founder and CEO of HotelTonight, and Jayme Boyle. Margulisa is also a fitness group manager and certified personal trainer. The application offers a variety of teachers and routines, ranging from cardio and yoga to Pilates, CrossFit, and traditional strength training.

The videos can function one of two ways. You can use them on their own for a high-intensity workout when your time is limited (or when you just really don’t feel like spending two hours at the gym; we won’t judge you). The videos can also function as a supplemental training session to add on to your routine.

And because of its availability on your phone, you don’t need an Internet connection to access its content. That means you can bring it to the gym, a hotel, or your girlfriend’s apartment without worrying about whether or not you can find Wi-Fi. You can download it for free at the AppStore or check out your future trainers online.

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