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Anthony Panarella is president of Nissan of New Rochelle in New York. He is passionate about cars and he is passionate about staying in shape. We asked him what are the top things to consider when buying a car, and he outlined three things to keep in mind.

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1) Customer Service

“Look for a company that focuses on customer service,” says Panarella. Smart dealerships know that building a relationship with a customer will retain his business better than any other factor, so look for flexible, open-ended payment plans and other deals that make you feel as though the dealer is looking out for you no matter what might come up in the future.

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2) Look at online reviews

Investigate the business before you walk in there, and take note of what other people have posted about it on sites like and Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook can also help you get a feel for the company and how it handles business.

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3) Have a Price In Mind

“Know the price you want to get beforehand.” These days, with the Internet, Panarella says you can figure out more about a car than the salesperson is likely to know, including the fairest price. Arm yourself with knowledge and you’ll be a better negotiator.

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