How to Decode the Speech of a Sneakerhead

How to Decode the Speech of a Sneakerhead

Your essential primer on secretive shoe jargon, courtesy of collective blogger DJ Hes.

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“QS” or “Quickstrike”

A surprise shoe release online.

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“Energy Product”

Limited-edition shoes aimed at generating hype rather than profits.

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“A sheep that buys what others want, only focusing on limited products and with no real self-identity.”

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“The Plug”

Someone who can source a hard-to-find pair of shoes.

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 “[Very near] Dead-stock,” as in new, never-worn shoes.

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The sneaker’s original colorway (or “color scheme”).

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“General Release” shoes, offered in unlimited quantities.

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“One to Rock, One to Stock”

Buying two pairs of the same shoe: one to wear, one to collect in pristine condition.

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