How to Run Without Wrecking Your Joints

How to Run Without Wrecking Your Joints

An intense run is a great way to up your fitness level and lengthen your life—but it can also lead to painful wear on your joints. Enter the Octane Fitness Zero Runner (, which makes pounding the pavement—or treadmill belt—a thing of the past.

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The Zero Runner mimics your real running motion but with no impact, using independent pedals and special hip and knee joints to match your stride and lock into your own natural running motion. The faster you run, the more resistance you get.

Once you’re used to it, running on a traditional treadmill or even elliptical trainer feels like slogging through swamp mud. It takes a few tries to get the hang of the thing, but when you do, it’s a superintense but weirdly freeing workout, as if you’re running in midair.

And since it’s self-powered (the battery charges as you use it) and nonimpact, it’s virtually silent, so your downstairs neighbors won’t be pounding on the ceiling as you finish your workout with one last sprint.

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