How to Shop for Furniture the Smart Way


Sure, that floral armchair from your parents’ living room is charming—but with these new furniture start-ups creating sleek gear for every guy, it’s time to upgrade your man cave.

Here are three tips for picking out the perfect seat for your place.

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Rule no. 1: Look at the Legs

When shopping for sofas and chairs, says Lucinda Pace, a senior designer with online interiors consultancy Laurel & Wolf, you should avoid metal: “Wooden legs indicate good construction,” she says.

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Rule no. 2: Buy Feathers and Foam

Always opt for cushions that are a combination of feathers and foam. “Anything that is foam filled only is kinda sketchy,” says Mackenzie Schmidt of interiors blog Lonny. “And if it’s just feather-filled, cushions will smush immediately. Go for a combination of the two.”

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Rule no. 3: Avoid the Jargon

Be careful what you agree to. For instance: While the so-called white-glove-delivery-and-assembly service may sound like a great deal, it’s ultimately a very pricey upsell. So if it isn’t offered gratis, I’d advise you to skip it and haul that sofa a few extra feet yourself.

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