How the Stark Future and the Stark VARG’s Chassis Evolves the Modern Motocross Frame

Stark VERG

Written In Partnership With Kathryn Schmid

While motocross has evolved over the years into a global racing machine, the first motorbikes designed were a far cry from the compact and zippy models we know of today, comprising nothing more than a standard bicycle with a combustion engine attached. More than a century since the sport’s debut, modern motocross bikes look starting different from their early predecessors – and with new industry innovations brought forth by Stark Future’s fully electric Stark VARG, the world of motocross design has the potential to change in turn.

One such area reimagined by the Stark Future’s team of experts is the chassis. As the internal structural framework of a bike, the chassis plays the key role of assuming the motorbike’s load-bearing duties, going on to impact the bike’s agility, handling and speed. According to leading motorbike expert Kevin Cameron, many early motorbike chassis were put together from a simple compilation of steel tubes not particularly planned for peak performance. As motocross bikes continued to carve out their own distinct niche away from motorcycles across the decades, evolutions came in turn: light-weight aluminum began gaining popularity as the foundational material for frames, and thoughtful design choices in chassis’ proportion and structure helped boost motocross bikes’ agility toward the high-speed reputation they hold to day.


With the Stark VARG, Stark Future brings new innovations into the integral framework of motocross, taking its all-electric model to the next level with its patent-pending chassis design constructed after close analysis of available models. Built from chromoly steel, the VARG’s composition and carbon sub-section provides a low center of gravity and a versatile flex laterally, vertically and torsionally, allowing for prime agility out on the motocross track, unburdened by the radiators and fuel tanks requisite in traditional bikes.


Considering the importance of a bike’s weight on its subsequent speed on terrain, the Stark VARG’s frame has earned the title of the lightest motocross bike frame in the world, standing at a low weight of 110kg that allows for the bike’s highly-efficient handling. Though the bike may be featherlight, the ride it’s taking doesn’t have to be: the Stark VARG’s 310mm travel set-up has the capabilities of rotating between seven different settings adjustable to each unique ride’s conditions.


As motocross’s popularity continues on its upward trajectory, innovations to vital components like the frame are bound to come in tandem – and with the Stark VARG and its high-performance chassis’ recent entry to the market, the next phase of motocross advancements may well have already arrived.



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