How to Get Your Best Sleep Ever On a Memory Foam Mattress

Best Sleep Ever
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Sleep is one of the most important parts of our day. Maybe the most important part. Because if we don’t get a good night’s rest, our days can be completely shot. Sluggish and out of sync with our responsibilities. It’s important to make it where every night brings about the best sleep ever. And you can make that possible with the Serta EZ Tote Mattress.

When it comes to picking up a new mattress, you can never go wrong with trying out a Serta mattress. This is a company that delivers high-end comfort that makes rest come real easy at night. And with the Serta EZ Tote Mattress, the best sleep ever is within reach because of the top-of-the-line memory foam that it is made with.

Memory foam is a great advancement in mattress tech. Gone are the old days where each mattress may work for one but may not work for the other. With memory foam, any mattress can work for all of us. That’s because memory foam, especially the kind found in the Serta EZ Tote Mattress, will mold to each person’s body.

By molding to each person’s body when they rest in bed, it allows the body to relax more. You don’t have to toss and turn to find the right spot in bed. Any way you lay is the right spot. With the proper support and the added breathability that these mattresses bring, your nighttime routine will see a much-needed improvement.

Best Sleep Ever

As with any mattress though, there are options you need to pick from. You get two support level options with the Serta EZ Tote Mattress. You can either choose the softer option that is the 2 layer Gel Memory Foam + SupportSheer Slumber option. This option is for side sleepers and those with joint pain. Or you can choose the 3 layer Gel Memory Foam + Extra Support Sheep Retreat for back/front sleeping and a bit more support.

Whichever option works for you is sure to make your sleep come a whole lot easier. Depending on the level of support and pressure relief you need, you’ll be ready for bed. It makes the nighttime a much more convenient time of the day for you. But convenience doesn’t end in bed. The Serta EZ Tote Mattress is the total package.

Convenience is immediate when you pick up the Serta EZ Tote Mattress because it is delivered to you in a box. Not a big limbering box the size of a mattress. But it is condensed down into an easily movable size so you can bring it to your bedroom with ease. And then when it is time to get the mattress ready, all you need to do is pull it out and let it unwind for a bit.

Once the bed is unwound after such a short period of time, you are ready to go. You can even go have a snack while waiting for the bed to unfurl itself into the proper position. From there you can finally see how comfortable this bed really is and you’ll be ready to get the best sleep ever every night forward.

As an added level of convenience, Serta offers up a 120 day trial period for you to fall in love with the Serta EZ Tote. If for some reason it doesn’t knock your socks off, you can send it back for free. And with a 10-year warranty, you are good to go for a long time without having to worry about getting a new mattress. Like we said, convenience is the name of the game here.

Picking a mattress isn’t usually the easiest thing in the world but with Serta, the whole process just got a lot easier. Check out the Serta EZ Tote Mattress and pick out the firmness that works best for you. And from there, you’ll have an easy time getting it ready and an easier time getting to bed.

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