How to Make Your Facebook Feed Less Annoying

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Your Facebook feed is annoying. And you aren’t alone. It’s impossible to control the things posted by your Facebook friends and the pages you’ve Liked over the years. (And it’s not easy deleting Uncle Bob for posting what he hates, and what he just ate.) But there’s something you can do about it. By following a few actually easy steps, you can transform your news feed into something that makes Facebook worth another long scroll.

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Manage the contacts and pages you follow.
If you’re sick of seeing radical political posts or updates from an ex-girlfriend on your news feed, you can unfollow anyone and their posts won’t show up in your feed anymore. Even better? They won’t know you unfollowed them, so you’re not offending anyone.

How to: In the News Feed Preferences tab, go to “Unfollow people to hide their posts,” which lists all of your friends, and click on the ones you want to stop seeing. (If you change your mind, you can follow them again.)

Choose your feed’s starting lineup.
You can choose the people you want to appear at the top of your feed. Prioritize your closest friends and favorite pages so they come up first.

How to: Similar to unfollowing people, go to the News Feed Preferences tab, then “Prioritize who to see first.” You can go through the list and select as many or as few as you wish.

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Customize your news feed based on your interests.
Take advantage of your favorite brands, people, and news sources’ Facebook pages by following them. Also, this is an easy way to discover new pages you didn’t know existed.

How to: Head to the News Feed Preferences tab and go to “Discover Pages that match your interests” for a multitude of cool pages that are custom to your current news feed.

Control the auto-playing videos.
Don’t let auto-playing videos on your news feed eat up your mobile data or distract you if you’re not interested. The auto function can be convenient if you want quick video play, but most of the time it is nice to manually decide if it is something you want to watch.

How to: On your computer, go to settings, select videos, and then turn the auto-play video on or off. For mobile devices, you determine the auto-play capability by turning on or off your WiFi settings.

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Hide graphic pictures or videos. (Or don’t.)
It is inevitable that a disturbing or inappropriate picture or video will appear on your news feed eventually. You can hide or report individual pictures or videos. Or, if it’s a common occurrence, you can unfollow (see above) or unfriend that specific person.

How to: To eliminate these pictures or videos, click on the right hand corner of the post, which will lead you to a pop-up menu that allows you to hide the post, report the post, or unfollow the person who posted it.

Manage the ads you see. 
You’ve probably noticed ads popping up on your screen every time you login or check your phone. You won’t be able to escape them, but luckily you can choose the types of ads you see on your news feed.

How to: Click on the arrow in the top-right corner of the ad, and select “Why am I seeing this?” This will explain why the ad is targeted at you. If you wish to stop seeing these kinds of ads, click on “Manage Your Ad Preferences.”

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Follow more credible news and media sites.
One of the great things about Facebook is access to quick news that allows you to not only read, but also interact and share content you see as valuable. Plus, you’ll see more posts from these outlets instead of your wife’s cousin’s husband.

How to: Most major news organizations and media companies have a Facebook page. Make sure you see the blue checkmark next to its name, which indicates that it is a verified and professional page.

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